A piece of Cybery Art: PGP Poetry

Touka from Tokyo Ghoul

This poetry is made with the help of the PGP Veronis article linked in the reference section below and my fellow colleagues to fact check this poetry. This poetry is made in order to spread awareness of PGP encryption in a different art form. I hope you enjoy the poetry!

PGP, I wish you are a key, something that would authenticate my emails could you please,

Yes it can! Pretty Good Privacy it says without hesitation don’t you agree?

PGP was invented in the 1990s, that had “become the de facto standard for email security” (Petters, 2020),

It’s pretty popular among the techies in today’s society,

What made it so popular asked the decree,

Well I say, it’s the combination of symmetric key and public key,

An encryption for the public because it’s FREE!

The concept is as simple as one two three,

Well, you see, all you need is a PGP to generate a random session keys,

But you gotta make sure that it contain one of the two algorithm of the PGP,

This will make sure the session key is encrypted like those off shores bank accounts overseas,

You gotta make sure that the “public key is tied to a particular person’s identity” (Petters, 2020),

If not, nobody knows what the message will be!

A Successful transfer of encrypted PGP session key will lead to the decryption of the private key,

In result will lead to the decryption of the actual message without a fee,

This types of talk, makes me feel tired and want to drink a cup of tea,

A little sip here and there with an internet surf as well, that would make life so swell,

So now let’s take a look at Protonmail that supports PGP services such as our daily emails,

Protonmail is like gmail but fancier at a cybery scale,

Well you see, all it does is hide all the technical talk above about the pgp details,

And automatically does it without a hitch if the receiver uses Protonmail,

If they do not, all you need is to send them your public key in an initial email, and they would not need to worry about future encrypted emails!

The purpose of PGP is to not just send and receive encrypted emails,

It serves a purpose of verifying the integrity of the message received without manipulation of what the message entails,

It also help to encrypt files when stored on a device or the cloud without any worries of blackmail,

There are pros and cons to the use of PGP one would want to know,

Let me tell you what they are my fellow Van Goghs,

PGP is great for extreme security, its free, and it improves cloud security beautifully like the city of Glasgow,

Even a hacker or the NSA can’t even break the encryption with any gizmo,

So let’s go and take a look at the cons of PGP my bros,

It’s not user friendly, it needs some software, and does not grant anonymity like dark market transactions that’s connected with escrow,

All in all it’s a choice for you to follow,

If you want to give it a try, go and say Hello,

If not you can always join me, drink a cup of tea by the meadow,

I promise you won’t get a memo,

Just sit down and enjoy the show,

Make sure to clap this poetry before you go!

Thank you!

Petters, J. (2020, June 4). What is PGP encryption and how does it work? Varonis. Retrieved October 29, 2020, from https://www.varonis.com/blog/pgp-encryption/

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